NaNoFailMo 2005

So once again I got distracted by “Real Life” and failed to finish my Nano.

This year at least I can tack “Work” on as a good excuse, as I have far too much to do, and far too little time to do it in. For a change, I actually have something to do… I just can’t tell you about it. Classified, NDA, etc. I can tell you that it’s a miserible experience to have to work with two unfamiliar codebases that both share a great deal in common with failed experiments in software design.

How to know things are going south rapidly:
1) Never get a full answer to a question. “What do I need to do to do this?” “A.” “I did A, it didn’t work.” “Oh, you need to do B as well.” Repeat.
2) Work with code that pretends to be interface based, but not actually having any of the benefits of COM-programming, but all the problems. When asked, have the person who designed the code admit, “It probably would have been better if I knew more of COM before doing this.”
3) Ask a question, “Why doesn’t this work?” Ask three people: “Oh, you need to do this, you need to do this other thing…” Ask person 4 after two days: “Oh, that’s a known issue. Was broken for a while, has been fixed.”
4) The specification still hasn’t been completed.
5) “Does it need to support Undo?” “No.” Two months later: “Well, sort of… not directly…” Ten minutes later: “Yes.”

It just isn’t a good situation, and I’m now working with the same teams again on a different project once this is done. Yay.

So I managed to fail to accomplish anything, but I make a hell of a lot of progress doing it. Damn, this is depressing, and didn’t start out as such.

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