Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla

So I went to be healthy today, and fill up a water bottle in the kitchen at work. Then I caught sight of a sign on the door to the refrigerator: Coca-Cola Vanilla has been discontinued, coming in January 2006 try Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla.

I thought to myself, sure, I’ll try it when it comes, but there better be a diet version!

Then I looked inside the fridge, and low and behold, there was a stack of this new flavor of soda!

So forget the water, I grabbed a can of the Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla.

My dear friend Abigail gasped when she saw it. I then got suckered into letting her try. Her comment was that the black cherry definitely tasted different than the ordinary Cherry Coca-Cola.

My comment, when I finally got my can back, was “wow, that’s a lot of vanilla!”

It’s okay, but I won’t be getting it every day.

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