Cute Cat On All Wood Floors

While Mandrina and I are still adjusting, we both are happy in our new house. Except, of course, for the boxes, and lack of clothing (not completely, just a scarcity of available clothing).

Glitch, on the other hand, is being a pain in the rear. He was uprooted from where he had lived most of his life, and dropped in a completely strange place, with strange smells, strange floors, strange rooms, even a strange bed, and then his humans had the sheer audacity to BE GONE the next few days. Mandrina and I both had to work, and the poor little cat was left all by his lonesome. He did not cope well.

He has since adjusted somewhat. He still doesn’t have a window with unblocked southern exposure, and “his” chair resides in a north-facing room (it still is being shed on, just not while we’re home). He no longer has the warning of a garage door opening to tell him when his humans are reentering his abode. He whines a lot more than he used to. The door to the unsafe-for-cats basement where all our still-to-be-unpacked boxes reside is one of his favorite whining spots. He’ll stand at the door, and WHINE. He snuck past me yesterday morning, and vanished for almost an hour while I was getting ready. He reappeared covered in dust, and hasn’t whined at the door since. He’s moved on to everything from his water bowl not being fresh enough to his litter box not having been cleaned in the last thirty seconds as reasons to whine.

He’s gotten LOUD, in a word.

I’m a bit sympathetic myself, on some of the things he doesn’t complain about. Poor little Glitch now has only hardwood floors. If a human manages to get a hand on him, he has no surface to pull away on, no carpet for traction. If he gets grabbed, he’s caught. On top of that, Glitch, well, scrambles. A lot. Any corner results in a near spinout as Glitch’s rear scrambles to follow his front through a turn. Chasing him around the ground floor in a circle is a rather entertaining way to kill a few minutes. I feel terrible for him when he’s going upstairs, but at least he’s adorable!

I love my kitten.

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