I’m filling out my annual review form at work. We have to fill it out by EOD today, according to management, so they can have “calibration meetings.” They have to be sure not to give us a compliment unless everyone else agrees I deserve that compliment… (The real story is even more sordid. Stack ranking, bah.)

I also need to fill out Manager Feedback. I just got stuck on one question:

“My Manager ensures that others, including senior management, are aware of my contributions.”

I can choose Strong Agree, Agree, Neither Agree Nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, or Not Applicable.

There isn’t an option for, “I don’t know yet.” You see, I’ll be able to tell how well my managed informed senior management regarding my contributions, when I see a raise or promotion — in September. I don’t know how good she is at marketing me; can I trade her in for a new publicist? Maybe Paris Hilton’s?

What’s the point of asking me a question I don’t have a clue what the answer is, but have very strong feelings on?

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