Sometimes what happens in Vegas comes home with you.

Fortunately, I had married Mandrina months ago, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. First, a pointer to Xaan‘s and Nightsinger‘s excellent write-ups of things I’m too lazy or preoccupied or self-centered to write up myself. Also, thanks to Jamie for deciding scandously to have a 21st birthday celebration in Vegas. Was a fantastical trip, […]

I guess I’m getting married

I could have backed out of it, I suppose, but now I really can’t. I booked the plane tickets for our flights to the wedding site, and then from there to our honeymoon destination, and then back home. With free upgrades to first class — next time you need to book a vacation, call NWA […]

Honeymoon post 2 (in one day!)

I’m getting more stressed trying to plan a honeymoon than I was planning on proposing!

Looking for a Honeymoon

Trying to find a Honeymoon location has been a hassle. Originally, Mandrina wanted to go to Vienna, Austria. I wasn’t thrilled with that, but I came up with a wonderful compromise — three or four nights in Vienna, an overnight train to Switzerland (I want to open a Swiss Bank account!), then another train to […]

Another trip to FL

Mandrina and I leave tomorrow AM for Florida, to go to her High School Reunion. I’m not terribly looking forward to it. I have to play nice and dress up, and be away from my cat. Okay, so it’s mostly the latter — I’m afraid he’ll get annoyed with me while we’re gone, and adjust […]

It’s December when?

So today is Wednesday, December 14th, 2005. I have done no Christmas shopping. I have barely thought about what to buy people for the holidays. In addition, I need to finish a huge bunch of stuff at work which I’m just slightly overdue on, and I need to plan and pack for our trip back […]

What a life…

So I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve been busy with loads of exciting things. I have some pictures, which I’ll put up eventually. In the meantime, however, here’s the summary: 17 hours spent at the Opera. What, might you ask, would require anyone to sit through SEVENTEEN HOURS of Opera? And not just […]

Road [Plane] trip!

So last week Mandrina moved out of her apartment. I, of course, assisted… way more than I was originally supposed to, but I’m sure she’ll thank me later. *waits* Okay, way later… While she’s leaving, I insist on checking her mail, which she hasn’t bothered to even glance at since, well… end of June we […]

Today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic…

I didn’t get to go to that one, though. Mandrina’s employer’s local managers picnic was yesterday (I’m sure it had a more clever title). I was invited (at the last minute) to go, so I took a half day and went to Lincoln Park in West Seattle. Pretty-ish park, too large to have to walk […]