Signs of Adulthood…

It clicked last night how lame adulthood is. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of some of the “pre-adulthood/post-adolescent” behaviors — parties focused on drinking come to mind — but being an adult really is rather… well, pathetic.

My list (and expect this to be randomly updated):

  • Planning in August for what you’re going to be doing in November. (Okay, so this is my own fault, but I’m going to finish my NaNo this time.)
  • Checking your email repeatedly — to see if you’ve gotten something from your mortgage broker.
  • Going clothes shopping — for a wedding. (Not mine, never fear… not yet, anyway.)
  • Hearing about your car being used for potential vehicular homcide (it was a theoretical conversation), and thinking, “I don’t think that’s covered by insurance…”
  • Having a friend talk about being unsure what to do when their son comes to visit for part of the summer, as per the divorce settlement.
  • Listening to friends talk about the gas mileage they got over the weekend — and then building an entire conversation around it
  • Being jealous of the friend’s gas mileage, even if you love your Audi.
  • Considering it a matter of normalcy to be receiving more snail mail bills and spam than actual mail and email put together.
  • Deciding that your work day has had enough stress before you get there, so sure you can write a post to your blog…

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  1. Tara says:

    Have you ever seen a movie called Kicking and Screaming (NOT the one with Will Farrell)? There’s a part when one of the guys is talking about the difference between being a kid and an adult as far as jobs go and he says something like “What used to be a bad summer could now potentially be a bad life.”

    I used to think about that a lot.