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August 2005

What a life…

So I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve been busy with loads of exciting things. I have some pictures, which I’ll put up eventually. In the meantime, however, here’s the summary:

  • 17 hours spent at the Opera. What, might you ask, would require anyone to sit through SEVENTEEN HOURS of Opera? And not just Opera, but GERMAN Opera. Because you haven’t experienced real life until you’ve sat and watched a bunch of fat opera singers sing the same thing fifteen different times in slightly tones of voice. Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen. Because Mandrina REALLY wanted to see it. She owes me BIGGGG.
  • Guy’s Night / Jamie’s Jonathan’s 21st Birthday – I’m sorry, I can’t comment on this. Aside from saying that Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Creme de Cocoa, and Cherry Brandy work really well. And Bacardi 151 doesn’t work very well for someone who’s never drank before…
  • VJ Day Celebration. In Vancouver, Washington, where Mandrina and I had gone for my birthday — which made my birthday feel slightly less special, but I guess that just means Mandrina will have to make it up to me for my next birthday… But it was interesting, a bunch of World War II veterans and equipment. Mandrina drooled over the planes, some of which still fly. But the highlight was a visit to the only remaining PT Boat in the world that still floats. As Mandrina’s grandfather served on a PT Boat in World War II, we were allowed below decks as VIPs, where Mandrina got hit on by an 85-year-old man. “If we had a girl like you on the boat, we never would have stopped fighting!” Which is true. I’d bomb several foreign nations for her.
  • Game night! Abigail hosted a game night — wherein I discovered I should not be allowed to provide clues in Taboo. Mandrina fortunately won Scattegories, so I didn’t have to have her upset on the way home — she might be a wee bit overcompetitive.

That would be about all. Work, but who cares about that?

Work bit…

My current assignment at work is to code review a component of Office.

code review – To read through every line of source code and examine it for potential security risks.

This is even more boring than it sounds, but everyone has to do this around me as well, so it’s shared misery. Not halved, mind you, but shared.

So I’m currently reviewing a particular ActiveX control, and am looking at it’s WndProc — for the unitiated, it’s the generic Windows function that handles, well, almost everything — it’s the way Windows communicates with components, by passing messages. For more information, cf. Programming Windows 5th Edition by Charles Petzold.

So this particular control goes through and performs a series of checks to determine its current operating condition. It then does absolutely nothing with these checks and always calls the same function.

I’m sure it made sense at some point…

September 30th is going to be a busy day…

Serenity and MirrorMask are being released on the SAME DAY.

Yay for Mandrina being able to get me into TWO movies on the same day for free. 🙂

(For those of you who don’t know:
Serenity – Joss Whedon (creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Angel)’s sci-fi western; aka “Firefly The Movie.”
MirrorMask – Henson-made creatures peopling Neil Gaiman’s story)

Solution to being bored at work…

When you have real work you HAVE to do…

Calorie packing.

I haven’t been sleeping really well the last few nights, so having a private office is like an invitation to napville. Instead, I’m alternating “power naps” with calories. Chicken Noodle Soup Cup of Soups currently.

I need more sleep.

Domestic Cats are the World’s Most Extreme Hunters

Tis true. Saw it on Animal Planet, which has reentered Mandrina’s (and hence my) TV watching rotation. Has something to do with the fact that cats are fed by humans, so they don’t have to hunt purely for purposes of nutrition.

This morning, though, I had to stop a kitten’s hunting instincts.

Mandrina’s 8-year-old cat is rather… well, slow and plodding would be mean, so we’ll stay with Mandrina’s comment of a “pillow you have to feed.” Meanwhile my 10-month-old Glitch is (affectionately) referred to as “Hellion” or “GLITCH! NO!” depending on whether he’s doing something cute-bad or bad-bad. Glitch likes to play. Likes to play a lot. On his terms, of course. He’ll chase balls, bat at anything dangling (and I do mean anything!), knock paper-towel tubes across the floor… he’s a wee bit energetic at times. Of course, he wants to play with Mandrina’s Bella. Which at times is cute… but mostly, not so much.

So this morning he corners her and starts to pounce on her. She’s declawed, he’s not. Not exactly a fair fight. So I push him away, he gets confused and runs off. Two minutes later he’s back up the stairs, looking for trouble. I grab Glitch, pin all his legs while holding him tight, and bring him over to make nice with Bella. They sniff each other, and they both seem okay. So I put him down, and he walks over on his own and rubs up against her. She wanders down the hall, because, well… she’s a cat, she does whatever she wants. Glitch crouches down, and decides he’s had enough being nice, and is going to pounce (I can attest for two reasons. The more obvious one follows immediately, but the less obvious reason is that Glitch always wags his rear before pouncing). Glitch leaps!

And I grab him in midair. He didn’t like that one bit.

I opened the bedroom door and let Bella into safety, and left Glitch out with me doing fun things like playing, “I know I have some clean underwear here somewhere…”

But poor Glitch. His hunting skills must be getting stale. A mere human catching him mid-pounce? Just shameful.

Signs of Adulthood…

It clicked last night how lame adulthood is. Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of some of the “pre-adulthood/post-adolescent” behaviors — parties focused on drinking come to mind — but being an adult really is rather… well, pathetic.

My list (and expect this to be randomly updated):

  • Planning in August for what you’re going to be doing in November. (Okay, so this is my own fault, but I’m going to finish my NaNo this time.)
  • Checking your email repeatedly — to see if you’ve gotten something from your mortgage broker.
  • Going clothes shopping — for a wedding. (Not mine, never fear… not yet, anyway.)
  • Hearing about your car being used for potential vehicular homcide (it was a theoretical conversation), and thinking, “I don’t think that’s covered by insurance…”
  • Having a friend talk about being unsure what to do when their son comes to visit for part of the summer, as per the divorce settlement.
  • Listening to friends talk about the gas mileage they got over the weekend — and then building an entire conversation around it
  • Being jealous of the friend’s gas mileage, even if you love your Audi.
  • Considering it a matter of normalcy to be receiving more snail mail bills and spam than actual mail and email put together.
  • Deciding that your work day has had enough stress before you get there, so sure you can write a post to your blog…