NAS Review: QNAP TS-563: I’ll Keep This One

TL;DR: There’s a reason QNAP is one of the top players. The AMD chipset means no Plex hardware transcoding, but it’s still a lovely box. Preface: I started trying to replace my 2-bay QNAP TS-220 when I realized that it wouldn’t support my new 8TB hard drives without new drive caddies (whoops). The ARM chipset […]

NAS Review: TerraMaster F5-420: Some nice touches, but not worth the risk

(Amazon won’t let me write a review because I got a price other customers can’t get — I double upped a publicly available coupon with a Lightning deal. Not my fault. But I took the time to prepare to warn people, so I’m writing this anyway.) TL;DR: Seemingly acceptable hardware perceived as untrustworthy and unreliable […]

A meme? What is this world coming to!

Several “days” ago Fiercekitty decided I had signed up to join in on some memeness. I didn’t particularly care at the time — I just wanted to know why she was so down on fudge! However, now that there is a meme I’m somewhat fascinated by, I have no choice but to respond to this […]

Test Post

Test post for the new host…

My favorite scientist quote of recent times

“Don’t use science on me when I’m sick!” — Mandrina last night after I referred to Newton’s First Law of Motion as to why she wants to stay in bed while sick. That wasn’t the quote, but I wanted to give her a mention. “Maybe she felt insecure about all her approach behavior, since you […]


(Yet Another Kitten Post) My kitten-blog is being updated again! I really need to add a new category: “Kittens.”

Cat naps Part Deux

I now have two kittens on my legs. I don’t think I’m allowed to even stand up.

Updated to 2.01

I gutted and directly screwed with our databases, and with negligible downtime I’ve updated Mandrina‘s and my blogs with the newest version of WordPress. See any difference? No? Then I did my job right.

Random radio DJ…

Just told everyone listening to “shake your tailfeathers to Nine Inch Nails.” Um.

Test post…

I’m using Newz Crawler to try to post offline. It might work…