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March 2006

Scary thoughts about weight

I usually care about my weight only in the “am I healthy”, and “how’s my endurance” categories.

Today, however, I weighed myself after taking a shower, and although the weight was right in the neighborhood I expected, I found myself thinking…

“How much does the water still in my hair weigh?”

I used to think people were creative…

I have a vague notion of a story I think I want to write. I think it could even hit 50,000 words. My problem is that no matter how could my story ideas tend to be, they don’t tend to remain in mind until the next NaNoWriMo rolls around. Previously, it’s tended that my ideas kinda fall flat on their face — I just don’t tend to keep a solid plotline in mind, which leads to a great start of words (not a Xaan of words, just a normal person start)… which then peters out as I can’t quite recall what my plot was going to be.

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Another post about annoying entertainment…

I’m watching the premiere of “Star Trek: Voyager” while working.

My most recent thought was how absolutely preposterous the show is.

Do I find the holographic doctor hard to believe? The concept of FTL travel? The phasers? The astrological phenomena? The alien species? The instantaneous travel across the reaches of space that formed the basis of the series? The concept of a female starship captain?

No, not at all. (Well, maybe the last.)

My issue resides solely with the staffing of the Voyager starship.

“Let’s see, I’m about to go chasing after a bunch of terrorists. I know, I’ll bring a prisoner along with us to assist in the hunt. I won’t worry about bringing along guards, I’ll just treat him as an honored guest.

“Oh, no, a bunch of my crew has been killed. I know, I’ll ask the terrorists to help us. They’ve agreed! I’ll give them much more powerful weapons.

“Oh, I’m missing some people. Why don’t I take the terrorist leader, my prisoner, and a single security guard with me to go looking for them? I should be sure to give each of them a weapon, and with them armed, I won’t have to carry a weapon! Lucky me!”

*shakes head*

A Post About Glitch…

Last night, I told Mandrina I had a cute story to tell her. She interrupted with, “So do I. Once upon a time, Glitch. The end.”

Yes, he is that cute.

I say that as he demonstrates that, as much of a spaz he may be, he’s really rather smart.

My alarm clock went off a few minutes ago. At that moment, I was suddenly beseiged by a meowing cat. Glitch has not left me alone for more than ten seconds since my alarm went off. I don’t know what he wants, but he’s nuzzled me, cuddled up with me, and WHINED for the better part of the last twenty minutes.

But he waited until the alarm clock went off.

Random musings on Comic books…

It must suck to be Bullseye.

Admittedly, the hero he has to go up against is “Can’t See a Thing Guy With Good Hearing and Balance,” but what drives a person to become a supervillain?

“Wow, I can throw things really accurately, I should take up throwing sharp objects at people professionally.”

It can’t possibly pay as well as, say, being a professional baseball player. The hours are probably worse, you don’t get any respect, and no groupies. Who on earth would choose to be a Supervillain with such a lousy power?

So forget the analysis of a fictional character, what made anyone say, “Hey, that would make a good enemy”?

Spiderman at least had the Green Goblin — a biochemical mistake, admittedly, but super strength, speed, aggression, equipment, etc. Even Doc Ock makes sense — Spiderman versus the man with 4 extra limbs composed of a superstrong metallic alloy. That’s a good pairing.

Batman versus Joker? Fine. Versus Ra’s Al Ghoul and the League of Shadows? Perfect. Versus Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, or pretty much anyone else? Completely fair. Batman is just a well-trained and equipped vigilante.

Even Superman gets appropriate opponents — whether from the Phantom Zone or created by an insane computer engineer (which I can appreciate) or created by throwing nuclear weapons into the sun.

Poor Daredevil. First he gets crummy “superpowers,” then he gets crummy opponents.

Off to the land of sun and Mandrina’s family and friends

So I’m a bit terrified. I’m going to be greatly outnumbered — but my friend Iuli would have come along had she not been moving this week, so thanks to her — but I can do this.

We’re off to tour possible wedding/rehearsal dinner/reception sites in Florida. I’ll be mostly off-grid — call my cell-phone if you need me.

I’ll call you as often as I can, ’cause I’ll need all of you.

Did I neglect to mention we’re buying a house?

It slipped my mind, I’m sorry to say.

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2006, I entered into contract to buy a 1910 “pre-Craftsman” (as described by Mandrina) in south Everett.

It’s a longer commute than I really wanted, but I can deal with that. It has a garage in the basement; an unfinished basement for us to finish in the long run; 3 bedrooms (although I count 2 legally); a wood-burning fireplace; an ancient bathtub Mandrina is obsessing over; a mostly-flat and large backyard; AND an intact roof and foundation!

It’s being sold by a guardianship in trust of some old lady — there’s a backstory containing some research I dug up that’s rather endearing about her recently departed husband — so it’s taking longer than it otherwise would to close, but come March 27th, we’ll be closing on the house.

Okay, so the electrical system needs to be completely redone, but the unfinished basement is making that a $3000 job, rather than a $10,000 job. Even needing to buy appliances, I think we’re going to be happy there. Glitch might not, as he won’t have any good windows, but what can you do.

Want to see? I took this picture (it’s not as good as anything Jonathan takes, but hey, I’m lazy and busy. =])

House on Friday

Cute, huh?