I used to think people were creative…

I have a vague notion of a story I think I want to write. I think it could even hit 50,000 words. My problem is that no matter how could my story ideas tend to be, they don’t tend to remain in mind until the next NaNoWriMo rolls around. Previously, it’s tended that my ideas kinda fall flat on their face — I just don’t tend to keep a solid plotline in mind, which leads to a great start of words (not a Xaan of words, just a normal person start)… which then peters out as I can’t quite recall what my plot was going to be.

So I don’t want an embarassing repeat next year. I’d like to actually get to 50,000 words, although I’ll settle for improving my progress (I think I went from 14k to 26k between the first and second years of NaNo). I’m of the opinion that actually having an entire plot in mind might make this easier — when in doubt, advance the plot!

I’ve had the Snowflake theory bookmarked for over a year — take a look. I am fairly good at getting that first step done, but then breaking down the story progressively has been something I’ve tended to… well, forget to do.

I want to do better.

I have in mind a piece of software. A program, even, that MIGHT help me do that… and stick to it later. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if such a program exists. Yes, I’m deliberately not describing it — if it doesn’t exist, I’ll write it and sell it. I’m buying a house and trying to get married in the same year, I need the cash. I thought I would look first, however.

So I searched for “software story.” I got mostly useless hits — my search terms were pretty piss-poor, really. I did, however, hit this.

I read the description. I read the quotes. I thought it was very, very sad. Advertising the fact that you’re no good with coming up with story plots? Hey, I might be in that boat, but to be quoted about it? “I’m too lazy to think for myself”?

At least they don’t have software that writes stories for you yet… Wait.

If I wrote a program that wrote books, would that count towards my 50,000 words?

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