Illegal substances and depressions

Does anyone else find it curious that the prohibition of alcohol was intermingled with heavy illegal drinking, and the tail end of prohibition dovetailed with the beginning of the Great Depression? Does anyone else look at the current economic climate, look back at the 30s, and wonder when drugs will be legalized?

Congratulations Mono team!

Having spent an undue amount of time in compiler-land over the last four months, I have nothing but respect for a team that acknowledges the shortcomings of their architecture, and so REWRITES IT. Congratulations on the new release, mono team!

Everyone makes mistakes

I had a problem with a piece of code last night. An apparent infinite loop without apparent cause. Because I’m working on in-development tools, though, I couldn’t even go to disassembly. I sat and stared this morning at the offending code, knowing I must be missing something. I finally went down the hall to grab […]

Was I too mean? (long, rambly, and techy)

I recently transitioned my blog from a LAMP stack at (who I was happy with) to a Windows/IIS7 stack at (which was cheaper, and more importantly, Windows-based). At both locations I had multiple domains registered with the same account.

To Pick a Title

Quick and dirty survey: To Crown a King or To Steal a Sword ?

Warmup #25

1200 word challenge: Write a diary entry of someone witnessing a historical event that hasn’t happened yet.

Warmup #24

1200 word challenge: Be Jane Austen or JRR Tolkien: Write unnecessarily lengthy prose describing some generic and boring piece of scenery. A field is nice, as is an utterly empty room.

Warmup #23

1200 word challenge: Pretend you’re Joss Whedon. Write two characters having a conversation about the weather.

Warmup #22

800 word challenge: Describe the experience of wearing too small shoes.

Warmup #21

800 word challenge: In honor of my wife: Write a romantic scene: either true love (think Princess Bride), or angst (Troi and Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mulder and Scully, Mal and Inara, Kaylee and Simon, The Doctor and Rose (or almost any other of his companions, really), Aragorn and Eowin. No examples […]