How I Accidentally Torched My Wife’s Blog, and How I (Mostly) Recovered It

  Let’s rewind a year. My wife’s first published book is in editing. We discuss her need for a professional author’s website. I take a look at what I’m paying for Windows hosting with Arvixe, and think about how irritating it’s been and how many things I can’t control, and how their service has been […]

Was I too mean? (long, rambly, and techy)

I recently transitioned my blog from a LAMP stack at (who I was happy with) to a Windows/IIS7 stack at (which was cheaper, and more importantly, Windows-based). At both locations I had multiple domains registered with the same account.

Retroactive tagging

I’ve spent a few minutes today going back through over two years of posts and tagging them “appropriately.” The new version of WordPress supports tags, and I’ve always wanted a Tag Cloud (left hand column — see that bit with varying sized pieces of text?), so… So there have been a TON of updates today. […]

I am a money-grubbing corporate whore

I signed up for AdSense. It might not make me much money (all you lazy RSS feed people are lucky I’m too lazy to throw ads into there, as well), but it’s worth a shot.

Comment spam…

Mandrina didn’t believe me when I told her it happened. It’s finally driven me off the deep end. For whatever reason, almost 100 comment-spam comments have been dumped onto my site. Interestingly enough, they target only a single post. I finally gave up and turned off “Allow comments” for just that one post. If this […]

Updated to 2.01

I gutted and directly screwed with our databases, and with negligible downtime I’ve updated Mandrina‘s and my blogs with the newest version of WordPress. See any difference? No? Then I did my job right.

What’s this site running?

So I think it’s interesting what pieces I cobbled together to get this site running… WordPress is the primary software Multiply, a multi-user plugin that kinda works for WordPress a bit of hand editing .htaccess — mostly RewriteRules. a bit of hand editing of the siteurl option setting for WordPress Time Patience Luck And special […]