A meme? What is this world coming to!

Several “days” ago Fiercekitty decided I had signed up to join in on some memeness. I didn’t particularly care at the time — I just wanted to know why she was so down on fudge! However, now that there is a meme I’m somewhat fascinated by, I have no choice but to respond to this […]

Illegal substances and depressions

Does anyone else find it curious that the prohibition of alcohol was intermingled with heavy illegal drinking, and the tail end of prohibition dovetailed with the beginning of the Great Depression? Does anyone else look at the current economic climate, look back at the 30s, and wonder when drugs will be legalized?

Of Rice and Men

Six and a half years ago, I made a few brief trips before moving across the country. One of my trips was to visit a good friend of mine from high school, let’s call him Al. “Al” was (and is) one of the best graphic designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with – […]

Sausage #2: Arista

Warning: If you’re soft-hearted, or even have half a soul, and don’t want to cry, don’t read any further. Abigail, this means you.

Did I mention I have a hat?

Mandrina thinks my respond to the hat is funny. I’ve sent her text messages in the recent past about it. Rewind a bit: Mandrina and I were invited to join another couple on a trip to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest. I got a little drunk, got a little hung over, but Mandrina laughed at me. The […]

Was I too mean? (long, rambly, and techy)

I recently transitioned my blog from a LAMP stack at 1and1.com (who I was happy with) to a Windows/IIS7 stack at GoDaddy.com (which was cheaper, and more importantly, Windows-based). At both locations I had multiple domains registered with the same account.

To Pick a Title

Quick and dirty survey: To Crown a King or To Steal a Sword ?

Test Post

Test post for the new host…

TV Shows: “Fringe”

Do you know what I find most appealing about the “fringe science” TV show “Fringe”? It’s set in Boston! I keep seeing towns I know. Milford, Mass., just got a shout out.

It was funny until I saw the date

Letter to the Red States — I thought it was funny until I saw that it wasn’t written recently (and I appreciated that MSFT got a mention).