Hello, nosey people!

In the process of updating my résumé, I realized that in this increasingly Facebook-social-networking time, people might very well take the presence of a personal domain in the email address of an applicant as an invitation to look at their life. Go ahead. Feel free. I mostly write about my cats, it seems, and I […]

Sausage #2: Arista

Warning: If you’re soft-hearted, or even have half a soul, and don’t want to cry, don’t read any further. Abigail, this means you.

Love from one of “our boys”

Video: Andrew and Taj This would be one of the aforementioned stories. That’s Taj.

A brief interruption

I’m getting ready for work. Our darling half-blind kitten Bit has her favorite toy firmly in hand… err, mouth. It’s the remnants of a toy that was once Glitch’s, and was then mostly destroyed by Pixel. Now neither of them want anything to do with it, but Bit adores the broken down ball of purple […]

“Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Tuna”

Approximately 1 lb of salmon in each jar.* Easily breakable pieces. The same tuna you would eat at some of Los Angeles’ finest restaurants. Good source of Omega 3. *Weight prior to freeze-drying.   Does anyone else see the problem I have with this container of cat treats?


(Yet Another Kitten Post) My kitten-blog is being updated again! I really need to add a new category: “Kittens.”

Sitting with kittens Part II

I’m writing this right after finishing my last entry. Pixel just moved away from me… and he is lying right underneath Glitch, being groomed by my nice cat. 🙂

Sitting with kittens

I’m watching crappy television — the new “Blade the Series.” It’s just entertaining enough that I’m going to see if it improves — it’s no Buffy, that’s for certain. I’m reading up on CSS and XHTML — apparently, frames are a no-no — as I have to create the website for our wedding. I should […]

From free feeding

(It’s 2:30am. I want to be asleep. I need to be asleep. After tossing and turning for an hour, I came downstairs to take some allergy meds. I’m now waiting for them to kick in.) Glitch has always been free-fed. His food bowl, as regularly as possible, has been kept filled with food. Not always […]

Pixel needs to nap elsewhere

I’m trying to get some work done before going to bed. It’s one in the morning, so it’s really an uphill battle. Especially because I just realized I need some notes I left in my office. It does NOT help that a kitten named Pixel decided to climb up into my chair and lie down […]