A brief interruption

I’m getting ready for work.

Our darling half-blind kitten Bit has her favorite toy firmly in hand… err, mouth. It’s the remnants of a toy that was once Glitch’s, and was then mostly destroyed by Pixel. Now neither of them want anything to do with it, but Bit adores the broken down ball of purple softness.

She came into the spare room (where I am), carrying it in her mouth. She put it to the floor in front of her, turned to me, and GROWLED.

Bit, for the record, weighs just over 3 and a half pounds.

She has since picked it back up with her mouth, carried it out of the room, and gone to see our other cats while carrying it. She runs up to Glitch or Pixel, toy in mouth, then growls protectively.

After doing a round of the downstairs in that manner, she’s now playing with the toy by herself in this room, making silly combinations of growling and whining noises. With no one near her. Bit is a silly kitty.

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  1. It looks like you named her properly after all!