A Post About Glitch…

Last night, I told Mandrina I had a cute story to tell her. She interrupted with, “So do I. Once upon a time, Glitch. The end.”

Yes, he is that cute.

I say that as he demonstrates that, as much of a spaz he may be, he’s really rather smart.

My alarm clock went off a few minutes ago. At that moment, I was suddenly beseiged by a meowing cat. Glitch has not left me alone for more than ten seconds since my alarm went off. I don’t know what he wants, but he’s nuzzled me, cuddled up with me, and WHINED for the better part of the last twenty minutes.

But he waited until the alarm clock went off.

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  1. Kirylin says:

    When Liz was a baby, she figured out when my alarm went off. If it went off, and I didn’t get up, she’d try to wake me up. I never had to get up on Saturday mornings, but she knew if the clock showed a certain sequence of numbers, then I needed to be awake.

    Being the sweet kitty she is, she started batting my nose at 7:30 one Saturday morning and mewing in her “Mom?” voice. It was kind of funny.

    And yes, teh Glitch is teh cuteness!