Another post about annoying entertainment…

I’m watching the premiere of “Star Trek: Voyager” while working.

My most recent thought was how absolutely preposterous the show is.

Do I find the holographic doctor hard to believe? The concept of FTL travel? The phasers? The astrological phenomena? The alien species? The instantaneous travel across the reaches of space that formed the basis of the series? The concept of a female starship captain?

No, not at all. (Well, maybe the last.)

My issue resides solely with the staffing of the Voyager starship.

“Let’s see, I’m about to go chasing after a bunch of terrorists. I know, I’ll bring a prisoner along with us to assist in the hunt. I won’t worry about bringing along guards, I’ll just treat him as an honored guest.

“Oh, no, a bunch of my crew has been killed. I know, I’ll ask the terrorists to help us. They’ve agreed! I’ll give them much more powerful weapons.

“Oh, I’m missing some people. Why don’t I take the terrorist leader, my prisoner, and a single security guard with me to go looking for them? I should be sure to give each of them a weapon, and with them armed, I won’t have to carry a weapon! Lucky me!”

*shakes head*

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