Random musings on Comic books…

It must suck to be Bullseye.

Admittedly, the hero he has to go up against is “Can’t See a Thing Guy With Good Hearing and Balance,” but what drives a person to become a supervillain?

“Wow, I can throw things really accurately, I should take up throwing sharp objects at people professionally.”

It can’t possibly pay as well as, say, being a professional baseball player. The hours are probably worse, you don’t get any respect, and no groupies. Who on earth would choose to be a Supervillain with such a lousy power?

So forget the analysis of a fictional character, what made anyone say, “Hey, that would make a good enemy”?

Spiderman at least had the Green Goblin — a biochemical mistake, admittedly, but super strength, speed, aggression, equipment, etc. Even Doc Ock makes sense — Spiderman versus the man with 4 extra limbs composed of a superstrong metallic alloy. That’s a good pairing.

Batman versus Joker? Fine. Versus Ra’s Al Ghoul and the League of Shadows? Perfect. Versus Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, or pretty much anyone else? Completely fair. Batman is just a well-trained and equipped vigilante.

Even Superman gets appropriate opponents — whether from the Phantom Zone or created by an insane computer engineer (which I can appreciate) or created by throwing nuclear weapons into the sun.

Poor Daredevil. First he gets crummy “superpowers,” then he gets crummy opponents.

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