Random Notes From a Random Day

Passing a bus on a highway is easy. Trying to pass a bus before you get to a particular exit can be more challenging. The vending machine supply company has caught on. We now have two full rows of chocolate-frosted Hostess Donettes in our vending machine. The one half-row sold out every week. The generic […]

I’ll never buy a MacBook

Nothing to do with the Fruit Tax, or Mac OS X, or anything else that’s remotely arguable. The thermodynamic properties of the lovely aluminum cases that the MacBook comes in must be ungodly cold after walking around in this weather. Who wants to type ON the cold?

Wow, I’m not a Republican or Democrat!

What a surprise! Except, not. You are a Social Liberal (60% permissive)and an… Economic Conservative (61% permissive)You are best described as a: Centrist Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Does anyone else loathe Splenda?

I made a mistake yesterday. I bought some yogurt, and only noticed that it was the cheapest kind. After the fact, I noticed I had bought “Light” Yogurt. I can deal with that, not a problem. Then I went to have one this morning. Took a single taste, and instantly recoiled. Checked the ingredients list, […]

Amateur Hour

Someone took my PayPal account on a shopping trip last night! So nice, my PayPal account doesn’t usually get to go out and have fun. However, I decided I wanted my six hundred dollars back. So I suffered through several hours of frustration with PayPal, my bank and my credit card company. Not the most […]

Fast food destruction!

Mandrina suckered me into the Atkins diet for the next week or two (I know, a real healthy way to diet). I didn’t have any warning, so I didn’t stock up on chocolate, or his close friend chocolate-chip-cookie, prior to starting this diet that says I can’t have a single cookie. (Mandrina refers to my […]

I need someplace to stick something precious…

An “accurate” Belgian Gauffre recipe!

Scary thoughts about weight

I usually care about my weight only in the “am I healthy”, and “how’s my endurance” categories. Today, however, I weighed myself after taking a shower, and although the weight was right in the neighborhood I expected, I found myself thinking… “How much does the water still in my hair weigh?”

Random musings on Comic books…

It must suck to be Bullseye. Admittedly, the hero he has to go up against is “Can’t See a Thing Guy With Good Hearing and Balance,” but what drives a person to become a supervillain? “Wow, I can throw things really accurately, I should take up throwing sharp objects at people professionally.” It can’t possibly […]

It’s December when?

So today is Wednesday, December 14th, 2005. I have done no Christmas shopping. I have barely thought about what to buy people for the holidays. In addition, I need to finish a huge bunch of stuff at work which I’m just slightly overdue on, and I need to plan and pack for our trip back […]