It’s December when?

So today is Wednesday, December 14th, 2005.

I have done no Christmas shopping. I have barely thought about what to buy people for the holidays. In addition, I need to finish a huge bunch of stuff at work which I’m just slightly overdue on, and I need to plan and pack for our trip back to New York for the holidays.

Including arranging for Glitch-care. My kitten is so cute! Okay, so he’s a year old, but still.

So here’s my hideously embarassing to-do list:

  1. Choose Christmas gifts for cousin Jenny and Aunt Pam and Uncle Bob, and Mandrina’s family
  2. Ship Christmas presents to aforementioned individuals
  3. Verify that Mandrina is truly okay with not getting anything for Christmas — delayed large gift to each other on top of the trip out there should count for something!
  4. Choose Christmas gifts for K, L, M, D, Luke, and Alva
  5. Order anything necessary, ship direct to NY
  6. Figure out who is going to be visited on LI
  7. Schedule as possible events for NY trip
  8. Decide what to pack
  9. Panic and do laundry
  10. Meet up with Jamie and provide house keys and guidance on Glitch-visitation procedures
  11. Get cat food and litter
  12. Finish processing video files for Manda
  13. Pack
  14. Pack laptop
  15. Repack clothes with Mandrina
  16. Give in and buy small present for Mandrina
  17. Panic

There will be some work in there, too. And a hair cut. And a blood donation. And Mandrina’s in an ice show on Friday night. And we’re going sledding on Saturday. Now MIGHT be the right time to Panic.

So far I know I’m going to see the following people in NY. If you read this and aren’t on the list, don’t be offended! I’m going to deliberately leave off certain individuals just so you can’t feel too bad! But email me so I remember, just in case.

  • Al
  • Mishu
  • Gabe
  • Rachel
  • Jenn, oh, wait, she abandoned me…
  • TA
  • Brian
  • Mike P.
  • Tommy C.’s crew

You know, that isn’t as scary as I expected. Admittedly, you take out Christmas Eve and Christmas, maybe New Year’s Eve or Day… and then factor in family I’ve not seen for over a year and Mandrina’s obsession with NY… it could get busy. It will get busy. Mandrina and I will have to talk about taking a “rest day.” So that maybe, just maybe, I can SLEEP.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I am so touched to be included on the list of people Andrew needs to see when he returns to LI – YAY! Even though he was a cheater in his past, I know things have changed… Cant wait to see you and meet Amanda! Safe travels…