(A deal’s a deal. Even if I’m slow.) My back has been giving me grief for most of the last four years. I spent a year fencing on a pair of sore ankles, but then when I hurt my back as well, I decided to call it quits. Now, one might think that I might […]

Vertigo -> Tranquilizers?

I’ve had a recurring vertigo issue for the past two, no, three months. If I happen to tilt my head in the wrong way, I have a feeling of dizziness that lasts for up to around thirty seconds. It goes away entirely for a period of time, but has been regularly reoccuring for three months […]

I got suckered

My local Safeway grocery store was having a sale on SlimFast meal-substitutes a week ago when I went. $5/box is pretty much as low as I’ve seen SlimFast products go, so when they also were “special boxes” that had an extra 2 whatevers per box, I decided to buy some. As I was going through […]

I love my doctor

Not only has Dr. Bunin always been absolutely phenomenal, honest, and helpful — answering questions over the phone at odd times on top of keeping track (somehow!) of everything, and acknowledging exactly how much Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Acetaminophen is actually safe to take in any block of time (useful when you manage to hurt yourself […]

Fast food destruction!

Mandrina suckered me into the Atkins diet for the next week or two (I know, a real healthy way to diet). I didn’t have any warning, so I didn’t stock up on chocolate, or his close friend chocolate-chip-cookie, prior to starting this diet that says I can’t have a single cookie. (Mandrina refers to my […]