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January 2007

Ghetto charging

I’ve finally established that Mandrina would prefer that I shave more frequently than closer — so back to the electric it is. I still haven’t found my power cord, so I’m looking just to replace that.

Apparently, that’s the most expensive part of the razor. Buying a new charging power cord for the razor would set me back $30 — a new razor of the same generation as the one I currently own should set me back about $60. I’m not too sure on this decision…

It would be cheaper to buy a used razor on ebay, trash the rest of the gear, and just keep the charging cable. It would also be cheaper to buy a Auto-adapter charger, and charge my razor on the way to work ($12).

I just think that would be a bit, well… ghetto.

Vertigo -> Tranquilizers?

I’ve had a recurring vertigo issue for the past two, no, three months. If I happen to tilt my head in the wrong way, I have a feeling of dizziness that lasts for up to around thirty seconds. It goes away entirely for a period of time, but has been regularly reoccuring for three months now.

I finally accepted defeat and went to see the doctor again. He’s following standard practice on this, and prescribed me a medicine known to assist Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo — which seems to be what I have. I now have a bottle full of these little tablets (0.5mg) of Lorazepam. Lorazepam is commonly prescribed as a antianxiety pill. A tranquilizer, in other words.

I don’t know how much I can hope to expect when the warning on the bottle for my anti-dizziness medicine consists partially of, “May cause dizziness, lightheadness, uncoordination…” It hasn’t worked, except to make me feel extremely groggy. This is 14 hours after taking the medication. Fortunately, that may be hope coming soon: DizzyFix — it isn’t for sale yet, but the symptoms and treatment have matched so far, and since this is apparently something I can expect to be recurring forever, it seems like a valid investment.

In the meantime, I’ll take my tranquilizers and wonder how I’m supposed to go to work — the next step if one dose doesn’t work is to up it to one at night, and one in the morning.

Update: 2PM PST – corrected link.

The meaning of the word “number”

I’m dealing with paperwork today — and working, never fear.

I decided to have a go at seeing how much I could save by putting my auto insurance and home-owner’s insurance under one policy. I’m waiting to hear back. In the meantime, I thought I would share with you two pieces of entertainment Geico provided me with today.

Now, let me assure you: GEICO has been a wonderful insurance company. They have been quick and fair in all their handlings, even leaving my “good student discount” on for longer than I was in school — though that may have been an oversight. They just did two funny things today:

  1. Notice of Policy Change… “Under Exclusions, we included an exclusion for nuclear exposure or explosion and an exclusion for biochemical attack or exposure to bio-chemical agents.”
  2. Confirmation number from my address change: “12B4-2DI34…” — Did you know B was a number? How about D, or I?

I’m done now.

I got suckered

My local Safeway grocery store was having a sale on SlimFast meal-substitutes a week ago when I went. $5/box is pretty much as low as I’ve seen SlimFast products go, so when they also were “special boxes” that had an extra 2 whatevers per box, I decided to buy some.

As I was going through the store, the fact that I already had loads of SlimFast products colored my thinking; this was good, to an extent, as it meant I did NOT buy the chocolate chip cookies that were just looking at me, asking me to buy them…

I did, however, buy these marvelous, special 100-calorie granola bars. I figured they’d travel just fine to work, and 100-calories was about right for a snack during the day. They were a little more expensive than ordinary granola bars, but I figured it was worth it.

Was I ever wrong.

Did you know that Quaker Chewy Granola Bars are ALL in the 100-120 calorie range? And they taste better?

Bah. I know what I’m buying next trip.

I just found a reason to upgrade to Vista

I hadn’t had a compelling reason to upgrade to Vista yet. My home PC is running Vista RC2; my mail machine at work is running Vista, and provided me with the first reason I’ve had yet to upgrade to Windows Vista.

I went to the Windows Update in Control Panel, and saw I had two updates to install. There was one update for my ATI graphics card, and one for my LCD monitor. I chose to install them, figuring I could restart after finishing the install. So I updated both my LCD driver, and my graphics drivers.

My screen defaulted back to an old color and resolution, then switched back to my normal configuration. All of this happened automatically. WITHOUT RESTARTING.

Read that again people: my video card drivers were replaced while the system was still running.

I’m installing Vista as soon as I can.

I guess I’m getting married

I could have backed out of it, I suppose, but now I really can’t. I booked the plane tickets for our flights to the wedding site, and then from there to our honeymoon destination, and then back home. With free upgrades to first class — next time you need to book a vacation, call NWA World Perks Vacations at 1-800-800-1504, and ask for Samantha. (She was wonderful.)

So, I guess I’m stuck now. Oh well. Mandrina must not be reading over my shoulder right now, because she hasn’t yet glared at me. (I love you, honey!)