I got suckered

My local Safeway grocery store was having a sale on SlimFast meal-substitutes a week ago when I went. $5/box is pretty much as low as I’ve seen SlimFast products go, so when they also were “special boxes” that had an extra 2 whatevers per box, I decided to buy some.

As I was going through the store, the fact that I already had loads of SlimFast products colored my thinking; this was good, to an extent, as it meant I did NOT buy the chocolate chip cookies that were just looking at me, asking me to buy them…

I did, however, buy these marvelous, special 100-calorie granola bars. I figured they’d travel just fine to work, and 100-calories was about right for a snack during the day. They were a little more expensive than ordinary granola bars, but I figured it was worth it.

Was I ever wrong.

Did you know that Quaker Chewy Granola Bars are ALL in the 100-120 calorie range? And they taste better?

Bah. I know what I’m buying next trip.

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