Ghetto charging

I’ve finally established that Mandrina would prefer that I shave more frequently than closer — so back to the electric it is. I still haven’t found my power cord, so I’m looking just to replace that.

Apparently, that’s the most expensive part of the razor. Buying a new charging power cord for the razor would set me back $30 — a new razor of the same generation as the one I currently own should set me back about $60. I’m not too sure on this decision…

It would be cheaper to buy a used razor on ebay, trash the rest of the gear, and just keep the charging cable. It would also be cheaper to buy a Auto-adapter charger, and charge my razor on the way to work ($12).

I just think that would be a bit, well… ghetto.

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  1. David says:

    I can relate to this — Sara’s a big fan of me shaving. She could actually care less whether I shave for work, but shaving after getting home from work is a necessity!

    I’ve generally found that I can get a pretty good shave with an electric — but you do need to do what it says in the manual and hold your skin taut with your other hand.

    In your situation, if your plan to get a new charging cord on ebay doesn’t work, I’d recommend getting a whole new electric razor. It’d be giving you new batteries and new blades. New blades by themselves can cost over $20 (thankfully you don’t need to change them anywhere near as often as normal razors).

    But I definitely wouldn’t recommend using a razor bought on ebay — at least not without changing blades and completely cleaning/sterilizing it first. You don’t know where that razor’s been!

  2. Andrew says:

    You’re right on the money — it might just be worth it to buy a new razor. But have you seen how many different types of razors there are? How am I supposed to guess which one will work best on me? Some go around in circles, some go side-to-side, some go around in circles some other ways…

    I thought choosing peanut butter was hard. This is absurd!

  3. David says:

    The January 2007 issue of Consumer Reports has ratings on electric razors, which is a place I’d look. If you’re not a subscriber, you can check with your local library.

    Alternatively, you might be able to find other people’s opinions online — how much you want to trust those opinions are up to you. (Since most people don’t use more than one type, I don’t know how easily you’d be able to find comparisons.)

    One thing you may look at — some electric razors have a 30 or 60 day satisfaction guarantee. So you can presumably get one and if you’re not happy with it, return it and get another.

  4. Andrew says:

    The 30/60 day satisfaction guarantee is about the only thing I would rely on. Unfortunately, what works for your jawline may very well not work for mine — and vice-versa. I don’t want the self-cleaning doo-dad that washes your car after shaving, that’s what I have a fiancee for (Okay, maybe not).

    Norelco has the rotary system, Braun has the side-to-side system. I have no idea which would work better for my face, and neither does anyone else. I’m just trying to avoid guessing. 🙂