What do you want your Server do?

Partially as a learning exercise, and partially because I’m a money grubbing greedy bastard, I’m trying to come up with a clever extension to Microsoft Windows Home Server.

Unfortunately, I already had pretty much everything I needed on the base installation; I had originally installed it purely to have a system I could hook up my parallel printer to. It already supports remote desktop to systems within your local network, as well as remote access to files on the server via secured login. Heck, it even provides dynamic DNS service, complete with chained certificates for secured access. Nice, huh?

I figure most people out there do NOT have WHS installed. Probably have no need for it. So, why don’t you let me know what would make you want a Windows Home Server? If you have one, what feature do you wish it had? If you could have your own personal secured web server, what do you really wish you could do on it?

DAM Software: Expression Media 2

I didn’t know I needed any DAM software. I really didn’t. Maybe I should have caught on due to my twenty five THOUSAND mostly unsorted digital pictures. I’ve briefly monkeyed around, and looked around, to see what people are using to sort their pictures. At the moment I’m using Microsoft Expression Media 2, formerly IView Media Pro. Due to Jonathan’s prompting, I’ve just taken a quick look at Adobe Lightroom (the beta of version 2), and have decided to stick with EM2.
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I just found a reason to upgrade to Vista

I hadn’t had a compelling reason to upgrade to Vista yet. My home PC is running Vista RC2; my mail machine at work is running Vista, and provided me with the first reason I’ve had yet to upgrade to Windows Vista.

I went to the Windows Update in Control Panel, and saw I had two updates to install. There was one update for my ATI graphics card, and one for my LCD monitor. I chose to install them, figuring I could restart after finishing the install. So I updated both my LCD driver, and my graphics drivers.

My screen defaulted back to an old color and resolution, then switched back to my normal configuration. All of this happened automatically. WITHOUT RESTARTING.

Read that again people: my video card drivers were replaced while the system was still running.

I’m installing Vista as soon as I can.