Fast food destruction!

Mandrina suckered me into the Atkins diet for the next week or two (I know, a real healthy way to diet). I didn’t have any warning, so I didn’t stock up on chocolate, or his close friend chocolate-chip-cookie, prior to starting this diet that says I can’t have a single cookie. (Mandrina refers to my typical mode of dieting as the “Salad and chocolate” diet. Much catchier than “Atkins” if you ask me…)

So I got “convinced” to be on this diet with Mandrina, and we started Friday night (I’m down two-three pounds in three days, so… *shrug*). On Saturday, we had a panic with Pixel’s health — he spent 24 hours at the emergency clinic under observation, but he’s fine now, thanks for asking — and I ended up going to work with Mandrina for a few hours.

Unfortunately, there was some degree of hunger involved, so we stopped at MacDonald’s. Have you ever tried to eat a hamburger without eating the bun? While driving on the freeway? This Atkins fad strikes me as a fast way to an accident. Which is not the cause for the title of the post.

This is: Mandrina and I spent the day Saturday on the road, and got home late. We went out grocery shopping yesterday, and got Pixel from the vet. We also went to Old Navy so I had enough clothes for our upcoming trip. In all these trips, our hands were rather full coming home. So we never took out the near-empty soda cups from McDs on Saturday.

Apparently, Diet Coke + ice => a substance that can dissolve within two days whatever material those McD’s soda cups are made of. So now I have sticky soda-water on my car’s center console. I’m not too happy. I think next time, we’ll go to Arby’s.

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  1. Megs says:

    Be careful, the weight comes back fast and then some. I lost a ton on Atkins, but it became so restrictive that it was dampening my social life. So I quit the diet, and within two months allllll the weight came back and then some more.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m not a fan of it either. I’m dropping it as soon as I can. I’m going to negotiate with Mandrina so we’ll both be dieting together. I’ve lost a whole two pounds overall!