I love my doctor

Not only has Dr. Bunin always been absolutely phenomenal, honest, and helpful — answering questions over the phone at odd times on top of keeping track (somehow!) of everything, and acknowledging exactly how much Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Acetaminophen is actually safe to take in any block of time (useful when you manage to hurt yourself while you have a headache, trust me), I just called to make Mandrina an appointment so that she can hopefully get some pain meds for her knee before we go to my brother’s wedding. Mandrina, who hates doctors, is okay with Dr. Bunin.

I call, and speak to the receptionist (Jean). She pulls up Mandrina’s super-thin folder (Mandrina’d been in once for a post-accident checkĀ a year and a half ago), and says that she doesn’t have any new-patient appointments any time soon… Is Friday okay?

It’s Wednesday at 2:30. They were apologizing that they couldn’t see Mandrina (someone they have no existing relationship with) until Friday afternoon.

I love my doctor.

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