Random Notes From a Random Day

  • Passing a bus on a highway is easy. Trying to pass a bus before you get to a particular exit can be more challenging.
  • The vending machine supply company has caught on. We now have two full rows of chocolate-frosted Hostess Donettes in our vending machine. The one half-row sold out every week.
  • The generic burn-aid cream in the first-aid kit in the kitchenette smells funny.
  • The largest sterile gauze pad in the first-aid kit in the kitchenette is just about the right size for the burn on my left forearm.
  • Running a 5k after only two weeks of physical therapy requires me to make an increase in the quantity of ice packs we own.
  • Watching Doctor Who lends me a weak British accent at random points throughout the day.
  • I have two lunch meetings tomorrow. I’m going to eat at the first one (with a friend), and perhaps snack at the one featuring my new boss.
  • Mandrina shaved four minutes off her 5k time in her first race on Saturday. I added four minutes to the time from my last race. The universe likes balance.
  • The single-serve “iCup” vending machine in the kitchenette provided a hot-cocoa tease today. It cycled, and then… nothing. I used the other iCup machine, and got my cup of coffee.
  • I have a lot of work to do this week.
  • I have now almost set up a photogallery so I can upload any of the oodles of pictures I’ve taken over the last five years.

Does anyone else loathe Splenda?

I made a mistake yesterday. I bought some yogurt, and only noticed that it was the cheapest kind. After the fact, I noticed I had bought “Light” Yogurt. I can deal with that, not a problem.

Then I went to have one this morning. Took a single taste, and instantly recoiled. Checked the ingredients list, and… Splenda. I hate Splenda. I shrugged and finished it because I hate to waste food… and then felt ill for the next few hours. I’m going to endeavor to return the rest of the yogurt, obviously.

But I have to wonder: Mandrina uses Splenda rather than sugar in both coffee and tea. I can’t stand Splenda in anything I eat or drink. Does anyone else like the stuff?