Protected: Doom of the Electrician

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Smiling works over the phone

I am extremely, extremely displeased. I am, to put it simply, very annoyed. Not “my cat is pushing me off the side of the bed” annoyed, more “you did what?” annoyed. Maybe it’s more “furious” than “annoyed.” Technicality. I hate my insurance company.

House-buying mortality

I was going to put this under “Living,” but given that the topic is actually “Death” I decided to simply file this under “Real Estate.” The two are related. Last night and again today (I’m “working,” okay?) I’ve spent a great deal of time going through snail mail that has piled up over the last […]

Lowering my own house’s value

Zillow is a neat idea — personally I’ve found their values a bit flaky, but it’s still a worthwhile concept. I just plugged in my own address; on a whim, I wanted to see if my house has accumulated any value since I bought it. Low and behold — it has! According to Zillow, the price has […]

New house!

So I’ve been absent for over a month, now. I’ve been busy. Short version: Mandrina and I closed on our new house (see an old picture, above), on March 27, 2006. As of today, we’re more or less moved in. The long version includes such side quests as “Nightmare Electrician: Upgrading the Electrical in a […]

Did I neglect to mention we’re buying a house?

It slipped my mind, I’m sorry to say. On Wednesday, February 15th, 2006, I entered into contract to buy a 1910 “pre-Craftsman” (as described by Mandrina) in south Everett. It’s a longer commute than I really wanted, but I can deal with that. It has a garage in the basement; an unfinished basement for us […]

Still shopping…

So my friend and coworker Iuli decided last week to think about buying a condo. She checked her finances (apparently, her husband’s finances are dreadful, but hers are phenomenal), and they were good. She found a condo coming available in her property. She took a look. She’s already planning on buying it, it’s FSBO, she […]

Inspections aren’t a good thing.

Um. We’ll leave it at that the inspection of Mandrina’s much loved house didn’t go over so well…

Making an offer…

It took longer for me to get a mortgage preapproval than to find a house. I should be making an offer on it later today, although it’s a question as to whether or not they’ll accept it. I know that there have been no offers on the house in the last month that it’s been […]


Here I first wrote about applying for a mortgage. Today, I finally signed the paperwork to get preapproval. *sigh* This weekend we might be able to start looking… I’m having flashbacks to applying for college. You spend an awfully large amount of time filling out paperwork to say, “I’d like to give you money for […]