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Looking for a place to hang my hat…

House-buying mortality

I was going to put this under “Living,” but given that the topic is actually “Death” I decided to simply file this under “Real Estate.” The two are related. Last night and again today (I’m “working,” okay?) I’ve spent a great deal of time going through snail mail that has piled up over the last

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Still shopping…

So my friend and coworker Iuli decided last week to think about buying a condo. She checked her finances (apparently, her husband’s finances are dreadful, but hers are phenomenal), and they were good. She found a condo coming available in her property. She took a look. She’s already planning on buying it, it’s FSBO, she

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Here I first wrote about applying for a mortgage. Today, I finally signed the paperwork to get preapproval. *sigh* This weekend we might be able to start looking… I’m having flashbacks to applying for college. You spend an awfully large amount of time filling out paperwork to say, “I’d like to give you money for

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