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September 2005

Making an offer…

It took longer for me to get a mortgage preapproval than to find a house. I should be making an offer on it later today, although it’s a question as to whether or not they’ll accept it.

I know that there have been no offers on the house in the last month that it’s been listed. So… *shrug*

It’s a bit far away — Everett-Redmond is about a 45 minute commute. Which on a daily basis is a hassle and a half. But it’s not that much farther than Bothell.

Here’s the miscellaneous links — reply fast, people!

Floorplans — I made them myself, don’t criticize too much. The exact placement of rooms might not be exact, but room sizes and relative positions should be fairly accurate.

House listing


PhotoMax, which might not work

Flickr, which might work, is below.


Here I first wrote about applying for a mortgage.

Today, I finally signed the paperwork to get preapproval. *sigh*

This weekend we might be able to start looking…

I’m having flashbacks to applying for college. You spend an awfully large amount of time filling out paperwork to say, “I’d like to give you money for somewhere to go for the next four years, and then a piece of paper at the end.” And then you spend a long time waiting for a reply.

Matter of fact, they are very similar…

Should I ban her?

Mandrina is not very good at video games. She admits to this. She randomly calls to me, “Can you do this?” with some random game I had bought for me to play months ago, but had never had a chance to open. As long as it isn’t Prince of Persia or Ninja Gaiden, I’m unlikely to be upset.

However, even as she acknowledges her low competency at video games, she gets REALLY upset whenever she is getting frustrated. Now, I understand getting frustrated. But hitting my sofa? Yelling randomly (not cursing, mind you)? When she acknowledges that she’s not that good?

Mind you, this is the second night in a row that I’ve gotten stuck watching her play on MY Xbox on the TV she insists is just too big.

I think I should ban her so I can get a turn, and my couch can stay safe.

Have you ever had an “Oh, Fvck!” moment?

As I wrote earlier today, getting approved for a mortgage has been, to put it simply, a hassle.

I managed to get free access to my Transunion credit report a minute ago. Nothing terribly interesting, everything I knew… except for one thing.

Way down at the bottom, an account I had zeroed out for this “mortgage” and “rescoring” bit had a balance.


I logged into my credit card, and sure enough, it had a FIFTY dollar balance on the account.


Despite my several thousand dollar payments, I had apparently missed one autodebit. So my ReplayTV billed me at the end of last month for $10. Where did the rest of the balance come from?

Since I didn’t have a zero balance at the end of the billing cycle, they take the average of my account balance over every day and apply the APR. I got billed interest for my paid off balance!


Ain’t she sweet!

So I paid for a joint expense, with the agreement that Mandrina would cut me a check thereafter to reimburse me for her share.

She handed it to me this morning while we were driving to work (after which point I had my tire go flat, so I was a bit distracted). I finally got a chance to start doing some of those nasty necessary things, and just got to the check she had written me.

The memo field reads, “FOR: Being cute.”

Love you, too.

Mortgages take time and paperwork…

So my first post on getting a mortgage was on July 22nd. As of today, I should start actually applying for a mortgage.

Yes, that’s right. OVER A MONTH.

It’s not anyone’s fault, nor any incompetence. On the first run through, Charles determined my credit wasn’t good enough (a trip to Romania was a good idea until someone decided the flight should be first class) so I needed to do something about it. Several thousands of dollars later, I started rerunning my credit. I get a statement from my credit card company saying, “Andrew’s credit limit has been raised to ${insert insanely unusually high number here} and his current balance is $0.” I forward said letter to Charles. Charles talks to a company that will act as a go-between — verifying that new information with the credit card company and informing one of those blasted credit bureaus. Some time later, the go-between completes their communication cycle, and tells Charles that my credit score has changed to XYZ.

So we do this once. Then Charles comes back and tells me that one of my scores is too low — BY TWO POINTS. So I have to do the entire routine again.

Between the go-between taking WAY longer than expected, a Florida trip, and laundering money (legally), it’s just taken this long to get to the point where I can actually give Charles paperwork such as W-2s, paystubs, 401k statements, etc., in order to get a mortgage pre-approval started.

So sometime next week I might actually have a mortgage pre-approval so that we can go shopping for a house.