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August 2007

Loss of a role model

It’s truly a sad day for fans, young and old. It’s apparently not enough to be successful, and loved by people. No, you have to choose to ruin others, and harm innocents, just to get your kicks. How do things like this come up? It’s not like someone thinks of it idly; no, there has to be long, long time spent planning where you’re going to build your fighting ring, where you’re going to get people to bet.

It’s just a sad, sorry state of affairs, and I feel the loss personally. I had a great deal of respect and admiration, and a large amount of jealousy, I’ll admit, for somone who did what I could only dream of doing.

A fighting ring? Come on, it ruins your life, and others.

Wil, how could you?

My favorite scientist quote of recent times

“Don’t use science on me when I’m sick!” — Mandrina last night after I referred to Newton’s First Law of Motion as to why she wants to stay in bed while sick.

That wasn’t the quote, but I wanted to give her a mention.

“Maybe she felt insecure about all her approach behavior, since you didn’t kiss her or otherwise clearly indicate your interest.”

This is how a scientist calls you a pussy.

From a Men’s Health article on subverbal communication. I’m most definitely not interested in picking up women (or men), but it was a neat headline: “Women are trying to tell you something: They want you.” Or words to that effect.