I figured out how to post my Nano!

Admittedly, it involves saving the Word document to filtered HTML, opening it in Internet Explorer, pasting it in Plain Text into w.bloggar, and then adding italics and centering… but it’s still an improvement. For the curious: Diary of an Evil Genius The novel proper will not appear on the front page, and should not appear […]

Nano movement…

Three thousand three hundred words today. Which could be written as “3300 words,” but that goes against the spirit that is NaNoWriMo. I finished Chapter One tonight, and had intended to post it. Unfortunately, I’m having some trouble going from my neatly formatted Word document to plain text for posting — I keep losing quotes. […]

Halloween and Nano Begins…

After much discussion, at the last minute, and possibly because the second possibility would have been highly sacrilegious (a senile god recording his memoirs? Okay, maybe.), I’m ending up doing my original NaNo idea. So Diary of an Evil Genius it is. I’ll probably be posting, but it won’t come up in feeds or the […]

First Person Limitations…

So I have to write (want to?) a Nano. On the recommendations of a friend, I should title it something that does not remind her of “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” I can sympathize, although I don\’t find that anything reminds me of “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.”


Last year, on what amounted to a dare, I decided to attempt National Novel Writing Month. On the plus side, I met Mandrina on the first night, so that worked out well. On the downside, I totalled my car, got inolved at work, and then completely and totally failed to have enough time to finish […]