Halloween and Nano Begins…

After much discussion, at the last minute, and possibly because the second possibility would have been highly sacrilegious (a senile god recording his memoirs? Okay, maybe.), I’m ending up doing my original NaNo idea. So Diary of an Evil Genius it is.

I’ll probably be posting, but it won’t come up in feeds or the home page of my blog — I’ll post a link once I have my first excerpt posted.

Last night Mandrina and I hosted a Halloween party. I had been planning to have one since the end of September, I just got swept up with work, and ended up not actually formally inviting people until the last minute. Fortunately, Mandrina and Abigail had spent in ordinate amounts of time making their costumes from scratch (very impressive, let me tell you), so I didn’t feel too bad requiring costumes. Mine wasn’t nearly so nice, but I had tons o’ fun — I bought a new sword to go with it, of course. Mandrina was Stormer from Jem and the Holograms, Abigail was Jem from the same show. Me? I was a knight. Glitch was Glitch the Destroyer. Yes, my cat was in costume.

Party was fun/fine, but I’ll post about it when I’m really bored, instead of just waiting for a build to finish.

At 11:45pm, I kicked everyone not involved in Nano out of my apartment. Until 1:30am, all Nano participants (the core group from last year) over at my place were invited to a kick-off write-in.

I got some words done, but not as many as I would have liked. I’m gunning for getting ahead, so here’s to tonight and the official kick off party!

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