Last year, on what amounted to a dare, I decided to attempt National Novel Writing Month. On the plus side, I met Mandrina on the first night, so that worked out well. On the downside, I totalled my car, got inolved at work, and then completely and totally failed to have enough time to finish my 50k words. I gave up early enough on to make it so Mandrina, who had been slightly injured in that entire \”total the car\” bit, could finish her novel, but mine crossed 15k, but not much further. Which is a good thing — I had signed up on two days notice, and didn\’t have much of a plot. Despite Chris Baty\’s promise, a plot is a necessary device. Or, at least, interesting characters. Or, at least, not a preoccupation with the cute girl next to you…

This year, Mandrina decided on her plot months ago. I went back and forth between a few, and think I finally have one. I don\’t know if it will hit 50k words, but it shows promise.

I need to write this stuff up somewhere!

So this year, I think my plot is going to be something along the lines of “Diary of an Evil Genius.” Although, I really hope that isn’t the final title.

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  1. Kirylin says:

    I think my plot is going to be something along the lines of “Diary of an Evil Genius

    You’re not allowed to write nonfiction…. 😉

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to find Plan B since Plan A decided to start writing itself last weekend. That was pretty funny. I was wandering around the house doing chores and writing at the same time. Why can I never get that inspired during November?

  2. Andrew says:

    I don’t know… should I be complimented on the “genius” or insulted by the “evil”…

  3. Abigail says:

    Yeah, it sounds too much like “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Maybe something like, “How I Managed to Conquer the World.” That way, everyone would think it was fiction, and by reading people’s comments on your work, you could refine your diabolical schemes.