Road [Plane] trip!

So last week Mandrina moved out of her apartment. I, of course, assisted… way more than I was originally supposed to, but I’m sure she’ll thank me later. *waits* Okay, way later…

While she’s leaving, I insist on checking her mail, which she hasn’t bothered to even glance at since, well… end of June we went to Romania, and before that she was on a business trip… so since the middle of June. I steal her keys, and go through her mail standing in the foyer of her apartment complex. Junk mail, junk mail, Seattle City Power and Light bill, Seattle City Power and Light bill for Ricardo Mendendez, Seattle City Power and Light disconnection warning for Ricardo Mendendez, another Seattle City Power and Light bill for Mandrina, an invitation to Miss A. R. + Guest… which I handed to Mandrina as I finish going through the rest of the mail.

“OH MY GOD! My father’s getting married!”

I then come across a letter addressed in the same handwriting to Ms. A. R., which I hand to her. It’s the letter sent four days before the wedding invitation that was intended to tell Mandrina about her father’s new girlfriend… who he started seeing over Easter. Yes, this Easter.

So the invitation was sent out six weeks before the wedding, but Mandrina had just not checked her mail. Her father’s note mentioned “wonderful boyfriend Andrew,” which is all he’s ever heard of me. And next weekend, Mandrina and I are flying back to her home town to attend her father’s wedding. We’re going to be staying at her mother’s house…

Yes, my life is just a little odd.

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