The Timeline of DOOM!!!

This tells me something may be wrong with my work situation:
7:30am – Wakeup to alarm clock.
8:00am – Leave to get estimate for electrical work on new house(!! — I’ll post about it later. :))
8:35am – Wonder where electrician is.
8:40am – Call and find out that electrician didn’t actually schedule estimate.
8:45am – Call alternate — and previously more helpful — electrician to find out if he can do last minute estimate.
9:10am – Greet arrival of alternate electrician, poke and prod around house, getting an idea of work and labor.
10:30am – Head home to shower and get ready for work.
11:00am – Be greeted by cat at the top of the stairs.
11:30am – Remind self that I should be going to work.
11:45am – Take shower.
12:00am – Remind self that I should be going to work.
12:15am – Greet surprised fiancee when she comes home from iceskating lessons.
12:30am – Finish making “bag lunch,” leave for work.
1:00pm – Arrive at Office.
1:15pm – Eat lunch in office.
1:45pm – Eat cookies via Abigail.
2:00pm – Decide it’s okay to take a nap.
2:10pm – Get interrupted.
3:00pm – Start watching the traffic home.
4:00pm – Decide it’s okay to take a nap.
4:10pm – Get interrupted.
4:30pm – Bring up traffic again.
5:40pm – Start writing post bemoaning lack of interest in work.

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