I am a very bad man.

Mandrina and I had been shopping for engagement rings since last year around this time. We’ve hit nearly every jewelry store in the region. Some more than once; most recently I was going alone in the interests of being able to surprise Mandrina with the proposal (which worked).

Unfortunately, I feel a little bit guilty for all the work I made people do regarding finding out how much custom rings would cost. I mean, I know it’s their business, but still!

So I ended up going with a complete unknown, who made the ring at a low price and in exactly the time frame I wanted. Heck, Jason ended up coming to our Super Bowl party last weekend; he’s a good guy.

Yesterday, I got a call from Courteny or however you spell it. Mandrina and I first were helped by Courtney last March or so — lovely lass, very helpful, gave us free drinks and chocolate chip cookies!

She calls, and wants to know how the search went. I can’t quite bring myself to tell her that I happily went with another vendor.

So instead, I tell her in a deadpan voice, “Well, things have changed somewhat, and well, I’m not looking at engagement rings anymore.” “Oh, I’m so sorry!” “No, it’s okay, we’re still together, just… some things came up.”

Perfectly, 100% true. ‘cept, I doubt she took that as the true-to-life meaning, and instead probably thinks she just called a potential customer and asked him about getting engaged to a girl he’s on the verge of breaking up with.


I’m a bad, bad man.

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  1. Tara says:

    I once quit a job by strongly implying that I had just been diagnosed with cancer. Don’t feel bad!