Another vet visit

We got back from Florida on Tuesday night (more on that later). Everything seemed fine — it wasn’t until the next morning I discovered one of the kittens had been using the unfinished floor in the spare bedroom as a litter box. So furious was I, but that can be dealt with.

Last night, however, I got home late from work. Regularly scheduled lateness, so it was expected, even if I was tired. First I find my office desk chair covered in vomit. Not human, cat. So I scrub it out, what fun! Then I go upstairs to bed to find Pixel on the floor, coughing and throwing up. AGAIN. So I pick him up, and curl up with him. Was it an isolated incident? Nope. He did it twice again in the morning, at least. He’s been lethargic, and I have yet to see him drink any water or eat any food — his own or Glitch’s.

So I have a vet appointment for the two kittens. Each has a problem with one of their ports. Pixel’s throwing up, and Bit’s having issues at the other end.

They’re becoming damn expensive.

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