Work Mistake

Well, I’m a complete and utter idiot. The word “Fuck up” (pardon my English expletives) comes to mind.

I screwed up with work last night. I don’t even have a good excuse — I got a bit distracted. It doesn’t help, though.

Probably the worst mistake I’ve made at work. It isn’t insurmountable, I hope, but it is pretty bad.

You see, we’re at review time. One of the good things I’ve done is apparently impressed some people off my team, who I think it would be good for my lead (immediate superior) to talk to prior to reviewing me. There are two big ones who are known by first names (not Bill or Steve, but Ambrose and Lawrence means something on some teams), and then the person in charge of developers on a team we sometimes collaborate with. That developer manager offered me a job, point-blank, at their last meeting I attended — I had jokingly pointed out that his team had no availability for developers at my level (they had one architect level slot available, and I’m not paid nearly well enough to be one of those). He responded by saying that anytime I feel like poking my head up, to let him know — he was certain he could make a place for me.

I figure having my lead talk to him would be a good thing. Except I couldn’t remember his email alias. So I used the autocomplete on Outlook Web Access’s “To” box┬áto find it, as I had the aliases for a few other coworkers.

I then forgot to delete his alias from the To box.

So when I sent a fairly private message to my lead, I also sent it to this other team’s dev manager.

Um. Whoops.

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  1. D’oh! I’m worried about what your “Bigger doh” message upcoming will be… As you say, though, it’s not insurmountable. All you did was send the message to the guy who’d already offered you a job, right?