Work issues

1) A “Principal Development Lead” (aka parallel to my manager) responded to an external team (still within the company) in a very technical and architecture-related email thread with factually inaccurate information. It’s basically been decided that there wouldn’t be anything gained by correcting him, but… Apparently, my lead had already tried to have this conversation with him, but he didn’t believe him. On top of that, it doesn’t help!

2) I need to finish one more bug today; otherwise an additional bug gets tacked on for each of the next two days. Then I’ll be done. Yay for no regressions!

3) A manager brought in chocolate cake today. I can’t have any.

4) My diet is apparently working somewhat. My pants are almost falling off, and I forgot a belt. Abigail thought this was funny.

5) I had actual important stuff to talk about. I forgot it.

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