Yet ANOTHER kitten post

I was supposed to leave work at 8, originally. I changed my plans, and was going to leave work around 9. Then it was ten, and Mandrina was calling to say she was on her way home, where was I. I told her five minutes while I finished writing an email I hope will get me the first step to an available job on another team, in a completely different department.

Well, I got home at almost midnight. I may not have left around ten, it may have been more like 11.

So I got home late, and was beseiged.

Glitch, of all the cats in the house, decided he wanted to be held. He was purring and everything! And then I had to spray compressed air on Pixel to discipline him, and Glitch wasn’t so happy anymore.

I sat down to kill a few minutes on the computer — and I ended up with a grown cat staring at me, and two kittens perched on either side of the top of my high back computer chair. I was surrounded by felinity!

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