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October 2006


Today was Seattle’s National Novel Writing Month Kick Off Party, which Mandrina arranged, took place at the Bay Pavilion on Seattle’s waterfront.

If I was feeling particularly verbose, I could go on for a bit about looming, and having a certain disposition. I’m not feeling terribly loquacious, however, so I’ll just post the group pic.

Nano Kick Off 2006 Seattle

Well, doesn’t that suck.

I wanted to transfer within the company because for the last three years EVERY feature I’ve worked on (okay, there were ~2 exceptions) has been… butchered. With cause, believe me, but still.

So when the reason I’m given for NOT being offered a position is my lack of a record for delivering projects through to completion, I get a little… let’s say bitter.

It just hasn’t been the best week.

Of COURSE they change the rules now…

I had an interview loop on Friday afternoon (it went well; it was ~ my safety interview — I already knew and was known by the interviewing team). I have another loop scheduled for this Thursday that I’m actually a mite concerned about.

Then I read MiniMSFT today. Apparently, I missed a policy change this last week, which simplifies the internal transfer process. I’m not clear on the details at the moment… but… it looks like it’s a single interview. And only a single interview. No hours, and hours, of interviewing… I’m fairly jealous. Not only is it easier (from my standpoint, at least), with only one interview there’s only ONE opportunity for me to screw up.