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  1. What’s the credit for, exactly?

  2. What exactly should you be getting credit for?

  3. (Whoops, I might have submitted two comments. The openID thing wasn’t clear about whether the first one went through.)

  4. Andrew says:

    I will, of course, leave both comments there, to humiliate you for the rest of your life in front of all my readers… Yeah, great threat, I know.

    This particular coworker I’ve assisted with multiple things over the past few weeks. Tracking down a surprisingly complex bug in another team’s code (which I’ve never seen, either). Teaching him how to use the debugger, where debug information and source code is located, how Windows works to handle various tasks (programmer’s version: how WM_SETFOCUS and WM_KILLFOCUS work, and how to track down an issue related to them).

    In the last week I’ve helped other people with various practical issues — how to profile an application, etc. — but the problem I have with this particular coworker is that he outranks me by at least three levels, and has been on this team a year longer than I have. He’s not exactly the new kid on the block.