Mashed potatoes

I was going to “cook” tonight — nothing too fancy, as it was just for myself, but I had some time available, so why not?

I started poking around the kitchen, eliminating items — I’m short a few staples, so I can’t make some dishes I’d like to — and had just about given up and defaulted to “microwave burritos” when I saw… Mashed Potatoes!

Okay, so they were mashed-potato-flakes. Not really potatoes, and definitely not yet mashed. I took ’em down, and checked to make sure I had everything… no milk. Milk goes bad, Mandrina is allergic, so we don’t tend to stock milk in the house. Okay, fine. I go to put the box in the pantry, and for a moment, just a moment, I wonder if I could use the non dairy creamer to prepare the microwave potato flakes.

Then I get the microwave burritos out of the freezer.

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  1. I’ve never tried non-dairy creamer, but I know you can make them with soy or rice milk. 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    Because I have rice or soy milk? 🙂

    I would have thought rice/soy milk would have made them into sweet potato flakes… Maybe I should buy powdered milk while I’m at it…

  3. First time I tried making Mac&Cheese (radioactive powder cheese version, not the pre-mixed sauce), I realised AFTER pouring the powdered cheese on the noodles that I had no milk, no butter, no non-dairy creamer. Having never made nor seen made the powdered cheese version, it didn’t occur to me to use water (water != dairy product).

    I was left with the Bryer’s vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer.

    Let me just say, it is not a recipe I’d recommend.