How to find quilting supplies

If you’re a Microsoft employee, go to the Microsoft externally accessible discount site.

Browse to “The Mall.” Then go to “Computers and Electronics.” Go to the second page. Scroll down.

The last item is QuiltWorks Northwest.

Now, will someone tell me how that’s “Computers” or “Electronics”?

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  1. David says:

    Yeah, that site has a lot of problems. Here’s my favorite, written as a real-life scenario:

    Going to be downtown and want a place to eat within walking distance that takes your discount card? Good news — there’s lots to choose from. Bad news — it’s really hard to find them.

    After selecting Western Washington, then clicking on Restaurants, you have to choose what kind of cuisine you think might be nearby. (If you just want to see all restaraunts, too bad, you have to click through all of the different types of cuisine.) As you start looking through, you realize, wait, you just wanted downtown, so you select “Seattle” up on the top of the page. That applied a filter but brought you back to the home page. So now click restaurants and start clicking through cuisines again. You see a lot of restaurants listed. But wait — you’re in downtown, and some of these places are in the U District, Ballard, or Fremont. Assuming you can recognize the street names downtown (try any single-digit avenue without a direction appended to it (i.e., no NE or SW or whatever), you’re already a step ahead of all those eastsiders! Now you can at least mentally filter some of those others out. But the cross-streets in downtown are named — so is that street address you got near Broad St, or closer to James St? Well, if you don’t already know, you’ll have to copy and paste the address they list into your favorite mapping program. Then you find that no, that one you were looking at is not within walking distance after all! Back to the drawing board.

    Why they can’t show me all the restaurants on a map (I think Microsoft has an online service that does this sort of thing!), or at the very least make it so the addresses they show on the website are clickable and take you to a map program (saving me from copy/pasting)… who knows.

    If merchants participate in this program hoping to attact people who might otherwise not have visited their business, how is making it so hard to find them helpful?