Card Services – Are you calling to lower your interest rate?

I just received an unsolicited business call on my cell phone. It came from an unidentified number; as I had been expecting a call from a friend, I answered it.

Here is the spiel, as near as I can recall:
“Attention all Visa and Mastercard holders! This month credit card companies may RAISE YOUR INTEREST RATES! If you’re interested in lowering your interest rates, please press nine now!”

I pressed nine, to try to get some more information. I was placed on hold briefly, then routed to someone who DID NOT provide any information, other than:
“Are you calling to lower your interest rate?”

“I don’t know, is there a number I can call back on…”


They hung up on me. I have no idea who they are, I got no search hits when I probed on the two terms I could cobble together quickly. Anyone else pissed off?

(Do Not Call Registry Violation, too!)

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