I win!

Mandrina celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday — no, that’s just the hangover talking, it was two days ago. When I told my parents a few weeks ago what I had bought her as a present, the response was a great big stunned, “Huh?” They just couldn’t grasp that Miss I Love Designer Shoes would absolutely adore the antique — working — 1920s telephone I found.

I was right, Mandrina loved it. It’s the first time since we started dating (we celebrated two years not quite two weeks ago) that I’ve really gone out on a limb to choose a present for her. Sure, I chose the necklace, and the engagement ring, but definitely with her input. This time around, I saw the phone while shopping for something else, and knew she would love it. I bought it almost a month and a half ago, and kept it from her.

Today I found her Christmas gift.

We’re saving for the wedding, so I have a sneaking suspicion the plan would have ended up being a moratorium on gifts for each other. (Last year’s worked out very well for her, I must say.) However, this year… I was weak. There was a deal on something I know she wants, and I snatched it up. I guess instead of having no gifts, we’ll just have a spending limit. I’ll just have to place it above what I spent… maybe I should put it really high above what I spent, so that she feels inclined to spend more… Nach.


Mandrina, sweetie, this does mean you’re not allowed to open any packages addressed to me that come into the house. =] Love you.

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