I know you’ve all received the emails telling you not to buy gas on a certain day, and you’re all well aware of how just plain dumb that is. My plan is far, far better, and is GUARANTEED to affect how much you SPEND on GAS.

The most recent spin is that you should not buy gas from EXXON and MOBIL, as they’re the two most profitable oil companies, and so we should only buy from their competitors, so that EXXON and MOBIL will LOWER THEIR GAS PRICES, and the other companies will follow suit. Supply and demand and a bit of logic puts that one to rest. My plan is even better, and punishes ALL GAS COMPANIES, and will surely SHOW THEM we mean BUSINESS!

What are you PAYING at the PUMP? In my neighborhood, gas prices are nearing FOUR DOLLARS A GALLON! Inflation doesn’t cover that much of a change! Oil companies take ANY EXCUSE to RAISE PRICES, from storm damage from Katrina to unrest in the MIDDLE EAST. However, they don’t then lower the prices when the crisis has passed.


The days of EIGHTY-NINE CENT GAS may be long gone, but we can certainly aim forĀ ONE-FIFTY A GALLON!

Here’s how!

My car takes almost 16 gallons of gasoline to fill the tank. At FOUR DOLLARS A GALLON that’s SIXTY-FOUR dollars to fill up my car. If gas prices were only ONE-FIFTY a gallon, it would only cost me $24 to fill up my TANK. I’d SAVE FORTY DOLLARS PER TANK OF GAS!

We need to show the OIL COMPANIES that we have better things to do with that MONEY.

We need to UNITE and show OUR STRENGTH.

Look at HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAVE each week on gas if it only cost $1.50 per GALLON. Get a piece of paper out and do the math. Would you SAVE THIRTY DOLLARS? Forty dollars? Is your regular commuter vehicle a personal jet, and you’d SAVE HUNDREDS?

Here’s what you should do with that MONEY YOU’RE THROWING AWAY!

Take the amount you would save per tank of gas, and send it to me. Comment below for my address. I’ll gather up all the money, and TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE OIL COMPANIES. I will PERSONALLY go and SHOW THEM how we feel, and HOW MUCH WE WANT BACK. Together, we can force them to ACTION.


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  1. Bahahhahaa… You really have the tone of those indignant emails down pat. *grin*

  2. Bahahaha. Way to mimic those brainless chain letters, man. Especially since their “flawless plan” doesn’t pan out.

    When other gas stations NOT owned by Exxon/Mobil get hit harder for gasoline, they buy it wholesale from other suppliers so they can get supplies faster and keep up with demand. Other suppliers like Exxon/Mobil. And they then raise their prices so they can make a profit after buying the gas from Exxon/Mobil.

    You should really try posting this in a public forum or make a Facebook/myspace group or something. People are gullible enough that you might actually make some money.

  3. Yeah, but that Catholic Guilt Complex(TM) would probably keep him from spending it. Or, perhaps, you could actually start a lobby and it would do some good!

  4. Andrew says:

    I’d spend the money. I’d feel bad about it, but I’d spend it. Practicality and all that.