I’m married to the Chief Engineer!

Mandrina mentioned she wanted to audition for a new Star Trek fan-series to be filmed in the Seattle area — Star Trek: Phoenix. So she vanished for several hours both days this past weekend. I spent my time sitting in libraries because it was too bloody hot. Guess who accomplished more?

Well, come Monday the casting results were posted. Mandrina was cast in the role she wanted — as Chief Engineer… someone whose name I can’t remember. (Sorry, love!)

Okay, so I’m just bragging.


  1. Congratulations to Mandrina!

    Does she play a human, or does she get to spend hours putting on makeup each day, making sure those forehead ridges / pointed ears / Borg implants look just right?

  2. I think she’s human. I’m not entirely certain, but given that the only part of a costume she’s mentioned to date is a blonde wig… take it as a barely educated guess.

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