Twitter Updates for 2009-12-22

  • Not sleeping on a redeye is an absolute waste of a day. #
  • Why did Amazon raise the price on the Lego set I had decided to buy while I was off network for ten hours? #
  • I just realized I can't remember when I started dating my first girlfriend. It doesn't matter in the slightest, but it still depresses me. #
  • @cytherea @pfqrst I can get to fall 1996, but then… September, I think. It was a Friday… I need to look at a calendar. If I care. #
  • Being lent a car that has an "Engine oil low" warning the first time you start it is not relaxing. #
  • After crashing at the hotel for four hours, I feel hungover (I haven't had anything to drink), a little less tired, and I want to see Liza. #
  • I'm apparently still tired enough that I confused @DarthParadox with darthvader. Maybe I shouldn't drive… #
  • I can't remember what I bought from Amazon that's so heavy… #
  • I'm ignoring work emails more than usual while on vacation to avoid ruining any semblance of a holiday mood. #

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